“folder failed to be renamed or moved” when updating Android SDK

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I wanted to perform an update on the Android SDK on my Windows 7 X64 computer but couldn’t get past the error message “folder failed to be renamed or moved“. First I thought it’s the anti-virus that’s creating the problem, but I turned that off and it still showed the same message.

After doing som checking on the internet, I found a solution that worked for me, but it was somewhat hard to find since it was hidden in a forum thread and it didn’t go into details. So here’s a more detailed description on how to do it, if you’re having the same problem that I had.

Go in to your main hard drive, program x86 folder and open adroid-sdk-windows inside of that folder.(Example: C:Program Files (x86)android-sdk-windows). Copy and paste the tools-folder so that it looks the same way as below. The name isn’t that important, so just leave it the way it is.

android-sdk-windows folder with subfolders

Enter that folder and run the file called Android.bat, after some time you should get the Android SDK Manager up and running. Here you can select all the updates that you wan’t to do and press install.

The SDK manager running some updates

When the updates have finished and you close the program, make sure you go back to the android-sdk-windows folder. Before you can delete the folder you’ll have to enter Task manager(ctrl+shift+escape or search for it on the start menu search). Look up adb.exe and close/kill it.

Now that you’ve done that you can safely remove the copy of the tools folder and start SDK Manager as usual, either if it’s with Android.bat or through Eclipse.

Happy Androiding, leave me a note if it won’t work for you!

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