WordPress Continuous Maintenance

Today I’ve been presenting on Knowit Developer Summit, an internal conference, brought by developers to developers at Knowit. The talk gives you some tips on how to bring your WordPress development up a few steps when it comes to things like deployment, rollbacks, server parity etc. It also covers how we use Trellis and Bedrock at our Jönköping office to perform the tasks mentioned above.

If you’d like to know more, download the presentation or visit one of the links presented below.

Useful links:

Tools used

Vagrant setups

  • Roots – Creators of Trellis, Bedrock and Sage-starter theme.
  • Trellis – Server management/Deployment/Dev environment etc.
  • Scotch Box– LAMP-stack in Vagrant.
  • VVV – LAMP-stack in Vagrant with different branches of WP like stable and trunk.

WordPress project setup/starter theme

  • Bedrock – WordPress project boilerplate
  • Sage – WordPress starter theme

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