Some Of The News In WordPress 3.8

WordPress 3.8 dashboard

The release of WordPress 3.8 is planned for this thursday(12th of December) and it features a lot of new things, some more prominent than others.

The biggest feature in 3.8 is the rebranded admin area, built upon the MP6 plugin it features a flat design with icon fonts and also a fully responsive admin interface.

WordPress 3.8 responsive admin interface

Widget Administration

Another part of the admin panel that has been reworked is the widget administration with much more focus on the available widgets, widget areas and less focus on inactive widgets.

WordPress 3.8 widget manager



More Clean Dashboard

Except for the obvious flattened design there’ve been some changes to the default widgets. For example news have been put together into one feed and the QuickPress has been simplified and renamed into Quick Draft.

WordPress 3.8 dashboard

A New Themes Experience

The theme manager has also been completely reworked, there’s more focus on the preview image and a live preview option if you wan’t to test how the site could look with your very own content.

If you click on one of the preview images you get to the more classic theme managing experience with all the information about the theme in a modal popup.

WordPress 3.8 theme manager

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