WordPress Continuous Maintenance

Today I’ve been presenting on Knowit Developer Summit, an internal conference, brought by developers to developers at Knowit. The talk gives you some tips on how to bring your WordPress development up a few steps when it comes to things like deployment, rollbacks, server parity etc. It also covers how we use Trellis and Bedrock… Fortsätt läsa WordPress Continuous Maintenance

#WPBar in Jönköping 26th of March

Interested in WordPress? No matter if you’re new to WordPress as an editor or a skilled developer you are more than welcome to sign up for #wpbar in Jönköping (swedish) the 26th of March. I’m arranging it as part of my work as a WordPress developer @ Knowit in Jönköping.

Block referrer spam in nginx

Tired of having Analytics, Pingdom and other tools cluttered with irrelevant fake traffic? I created a really simple block for you to use in your site configuration file, usually found in /etc/nginx/sites-available/yoursitename.conf. [wpgist id=”027cdc630941bb905ae2″] If you have any more sites just add them with the pipe character between them.

My WordPress-development setup

When I was attending Sweden Social Web Camp(SSWC) 15th-18th of August 2013 there was a session on WordPress and Bootstrap, held by @jonkpirateboy at Follow Me Darling in which we discussed different methods to easily and quickly setup a good dev-environment without the hassles of having to minify css/js, set up menus, static first page etc. in WordPress. It ended… Fortsätt läsa My WordPress-development setup